LUTATHERA Treatment Checklist:

Payers may require the inclusion of the following information in the patient’s records or charts:

Prior to LUTATHERA treatment*

  • Specific diagnosis for the disease
  • Histology to support diagnosis
  • Relevant prior imaging for tumor localization
  • Extent of the disease
  • All relevant laboratory tests
  • Dose order in the treatment cycle (ex. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th dose)
  • Informed consent from the patient after a detailed discussion that includes both oral and written instructions, review of reasons for treatment, risk of treatment, necessary precautions to be taken, and radiation safety procedures
  • *Some of these items may be required during the prior authorization process

During LUTATHERA treatment

  • Pre-medication of the patient with antiemetic
    • If IV formulation is used, start and stop times of antiemetic administration
  • Start time of amino acid infusion and the individual who administered the solution
  • The start time for LUTATHERA administration and the individual who administered the solution

After LUTATHERA treatment

  • The completion time and total duration of amino acid infusion
  • LUTATHERA dose administered and the route of administration
  • Documentation of administration or referral for long-acting octreotide treatment
  • Discharge instructions for the patient
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